GETTING OLDER, RIDICULOUS STIGMAS AND WEIRD NUMBERS … Commentary. By Debbie Doherty | May 24, 2016 Approaching milestone birthdays is a weird feeling. You’ve talked about certain numbers your whole life with anticipation. From being a little kid on the playground, looking forward to turning 16 and thinking life will be over at 30, to being a teenager rrrreally looking forward to turning 21 and talking about 50 year olds like they’re senior citizens. There is an instinctive stigma with age and these weird numbers but what happens when you approach those numbers is whole different story... I’ve always made friends with all types and all ages and prided myself on not judging a person on their age. I was more excited to talk to someone new, hear their story and see what they're about. If someone was awesome to talk to, what difference does how long they’ve been alive for make? I’ve had amazing conversations with older people that left me in awe of their experiences and conversations with younger people, kids even, that left me hopeful and confused, thinking, “Did I really just have a deep, philosophical conversation with a 13 year old? THAT was awesome!” I wouldn't suggest skipping over sitting next to that person on the bus or at the bar or chatting with your neighbor because of their age, you might miss out on something great. These thoughts come from entering a time where I can see people looking at me and talking to me in that certain, Eddie Haskell, “yes ma’am", kind of way and it makes me want to scream, “DUDE! You have no idea how cool I am! I am no ma’am!!” The other weird feeling that comes from approaching milestones is all the things we’ve ever been told how people of a certain age should behave and feel. Well, sorry to break it to you but I don’t feel those things. I feel me. And me feels no where near my number. In fact, I don’t feel a number at all. I just feel me. No numbers, no stigmas. ME. Y